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Napreva K9

SKU: Napreva-K9
Currently on backorder due to COVID 19 pandemic. Pre-orders enjoy a 20% discount.

    Nápreva K9™ is the next generation in natural pain relievers. Now you can experience fast, safe relief from pain and discomfort with none of the potentially harmful side effects commonly experienced with prescription drugs. Many common pain relievers, both prescription and OTC (Over the Counter), can cause stomach and kidney problems and even cardiovascular issues. Nápreva K-9™ was formulated as a natural alternative to such drugs as Rimadyl®, Etogesic® Deramaxx®, Novox®, Previcox®, Zubrin®, aspirin and other Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug’s.



    By supporting the proper and healthy function of the endocannabinoid system Nápreva K9 helps to aid...

    • The reduction of inflammation, pain and discomfort

    • Restful sleep

    • Reduced anxiety

    • Emotional balance and feelings of well-being



    Dogs up to 60 lbs., give 0.5 ml twice daily. More than 60 lbs., give 1 ml twice daily. Dose can be increased if results are not seen within 3 days. See our website for additional dosing suggestions.



    ​These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

    *It is always recommended to consult your veterinarian before beginning any new food supplement program.


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    1. This changed our lives with our 3 dogs!  star rating

      Posted by on Mar 8th 2019

      Thank you so much for this amazing product! We have 3 dogs all at different stages of life. 1 13 year old rescue with bad hips who was falling and having bladder problems. The other was abandoned in a crate for 6+ months until we rescued her she has extreme anxiety. As well as a silly puppy that would not potty train!..
      The first night We gave them the nepreva they were completely different dogs, happy calm and comfortable! Our oldest pup, he could finally walk and was having fun for the first time in six months. The second pup who has extreme anxiety has been so calm and so sweet and this has completely changed her personality. And the puppy is now potty trained and it’s been a little over a month since we’ve had them on this and they are doing amazing I recommend this to anyone who has any pup! This is a miracle! Thank you napreva!

    2. It really works!  star rating

      Posted by RIO on Nov 28th 2018

      My 12 plus year old dog was having a lot of trouble with arthritis pain. He has major orthopedic issues in both rear legs with major arthritis pain. He is on Galaprant as well as other pain medication. In June of this year he started having trouble going up stairs. I was very concerned about him.
      I tried the Black Rock CBDoil on him and with in 3-4 days I noticed a difference in how he was moving around.
      I tried another brand, but went back to Black Rock. I like its dosage information. A bottle lasts a month and I usually get it within a few days of my order. The other place took over a week to arrive. It took several days to 'process' the order before it was even shipped. The price was equivalent as I would have to get 2 bottles of it in order to last a month.
      So, I like Black Rock CBD oil because it is really helping my dog.

    3. Miracle worker for my dog!!  star rating

      Posted by laurie newberry on Nov 23rd 2018

      My older Dachshund (15+) couldn't use one of her back legs to walk. The vet told me that she never would be able to use it. One of my friends recommended the K-9 formula from Black Rock Nutraceuticals and it's simply been miraculous. She runs around using ALL 4 legs and eats again. I recommend this product for anyone who has an older dog. She has her life back!!!

    4. excellent product!  star rating

      Posted by Laurie on Jul 27th 2018

      I have been using this product for a while now for my 2 senior dogs. Both on Rimadyl along with other drugs for years. Both dogs, multiple orthopedic surgeries leading to major arthritis. Bloodwork was progressively getting worse so tried this product as we were out of options. It was good, but I wasn't convinced it was "the miracle", kept using it as something was better than nothing. Then.... My 15 year old beagle got REALLY sick so in anticipation of having to rush her to the vet for surgery, I took her off everything but water and pedialite for 24 hours. She came through fine, but couldn't walk. Absolutely no weight on one leg. We were carrying her everywhere. Put her back on Napreva, one dose, and she was back to normal. So evidently it REALLY works!

    5. thank goodness, pain relief for my dog that doesn’t make him sick.  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Jul 13th 2018

      It works and he likes it.

    6. Made a huge improvement!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Jul 1st 2018

      This product has made a HUGE improvement in the quality of my dog's life. I have a 61lbs. 10 1/2 yr old mix breed (german shepherd, chow, malamute) who still walks a fast 4 to 7 miles everyday. He was starting to show signs of arthritis such as pain and stiffness upon rising after laying down, not playing as hard, and slowing down on his walks. My vet recommended this product and told me to start at .5ml twice a day. I thought I saw some improvement within the first few days and told my vet. She had me increase it to .75ml twice a day and I saw a huge improvement! I now give him .75ml to 1ml twice daily depending on his activity level for the day. The stiffness he had upon rising is almost nonexistent now and he has no trouble taking his beloved long walks. I do know that the improvement is from the Napreva because if I miss a dose I see that he is not as comfortable. Also, I follow the instructions closely. I squirt a little in each side of his mouth at the back between the cheek and gums and wait 10 minutes before giving him food.

      I think all dogs with aches and pains would benefit from this. They can't tell us how they feel so it's up to us to interpret the signs to hopefully improve the quality of their lives.

    7. Helps my Labrador!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Jun 29th 2018

      Wonderful product that is helping my dog deal with arthritis. Off all other meds.

    8. It works and worth the money!  star rating

      Posted by happy lab owner on Apr 15th 2018

      This has helped my 10yr black lab. He has chronic neck issues and developed some anxiety the older her gets. NaprevaK9 has helped him so much. He was living on 3 different medications (tramidol, methocarbamol, and anti-inflammatory) just to be comfortable.

      I did some research online to find a better solution for his pain management and I am so happy I found NaprevaK9. He is now off everything except for NaprevaK9.

      Give it a try!

    9. the old guy feels like playing now!  star rating

      Posted by Linda D on Jun 10th 2017

      I bought this for a friend. Her senior dog was totally inactive. Yesterday she said he was loping across the back field with her granddaughters. Obviously Napreva has helped his arthritis and allowed him to enjoy the granddaughters again. She will be buying more.

    10. Drastic Improvement with Arthritis Symptoms  star rating

      Posted by Candace J. on Nov 14th 2016

      This is going to be a bit long winded, but please read because this product has changed my senior dog's life.

      I have an 11 year old rescue lab with arthritis in her hips. Madison's on glucosamine supplements and multivitamins, but it wasn't giving her any pain relief and the vet was only willing to prescribe her rimadyl for her pain. She was starting to really struggle with getting up, jumping on the bed, and overall she had a low energy level. A friend told me about Napreva K9, so I decided to check it out.

      At first I was adding it to her dog food since she didn't like taking it orally. I saw some improvements within a couple of days, so we continued to use it until we used up the bottle.

      I kept forgetting to reorder and a couple of weeks went by and she started to really go down hill. Side note: Along with having arthritis, Madison also has chronic pancreatitis. During the month I was adding Napreva K9 to her food she didn't have any major flare ups with her pancreatitis. About a week after we ran out she started having mild issues again.

      Once she started going downhill I reordered and had it overnight-ed. This time I followed the directions exactly and consistently gave it to her orally. The next afternoon it was like she was a different dog. Her energy level was back up and she was wanting to play, fetch, and cause a ruckus. For the past month I have given Madison her Napreva twice a day, everyday and she hasn't had a single bad day with her arthritis or pancreatitis.

      For me, this product is worth it. It was worth the $50 to see if it worked and it was better than I imagined. Consistency is key though!

      PROS: Great results, easy to use, good instructions, good packaging

      CONS: Oral medication via syringe (my dog personally doesn't like her muzzle being touched), strong smell (reminds me of licorice, so I always make sure to wash my hands if I get some of it on me)

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